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all the feral catholics


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Man of letters 

oh my god.


'Downtime II'

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my aesthetic is heavily-tattooed teachers quoting eugene v. debs while sipping kombucha

the first boy i had sex with shipped off, put on a uniform and picked up a gun. i hope i don’t always have that effect on the people i love.



Speaks for itself

Take note of the:

  • black runner’s awareness of what he’s facing;
  • judge’s position;
  • white runner with his head down (oblivious to his opponent’s path/what he has to go through) 

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“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people”

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me: feelin shitty
me: def gonna actively try to feel better instead of complaining on the tumblr this time
me: nah nvm feelin too shitty to move lol


Ava Gardner c. 1940s

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Romeo and Juliet, 1968

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